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data entry, bookkeeeping, invoice factoring, office services, office support, database cleansing

Clear Results 12 Berrington Close Botcheston Leicestershire LE9 9FQ
Tele: 01455 698797 Mobile: 07715 957723

data entry, bookkeeeping, invoice factoring, office services, office support, database cleansing data entry, bookkeeeping, invoice factoring, office services, office support, database cleansing


How can Clear Results Office Solutions help me?

Flexibility, reduced staffing costs, no holiday, sick or maternity pay, no agency fees, you do not have to supply office space or equipment. Bookings can be made well in advance or at short notice. Working hours convenient to you including evenings and weekends if necessary. You can be assured of a high standard of work and continuity.

How do I know my work will be kept confidential?

Confidentiality is guaranteed at all times.

What are the advantages of using the services of Clear Results Office Solutions?

We support our clients on an "as needed" basis, for less than the cost of hiring a permanent or temporary employee. Whether support is required an hour a week, day or month on a continual basis or just to help during particularly busy times, you only pay for the time we assist you.

What benefits can I expect from using the services of Clear Results Office Solutions?

You will receive high quality support services.
You get an administrative professional who has vested interest in the success of your business.
You get more time to do what you do best whilst leaving the administration to someone who does it better.

Why does Clear Results Office Solutions have a vested interest in the success of my business?

We are a business and depend on work from other businesses. The more successful you are, the more you will realise the benefits of outsourcing. If one of our client’s businesses starts to decline our workflow suffers as a consequence. Therefore you can be assured that we really do have a vested interest in your success.

In addition repeat work and referrals are key to Clear Results Office Solutions.

I'm miles away from you, so how will it work?

We have clients from all over the UK - they find it easy to work with us because we work pro-actively with them. We can offer sound advice on how best to get your work to us, and we can advise on a digital solution for you. It's cheaper than you think and we are just a mouse click away. With the latest technology, distance is no object.

I currently do everything myself. What's the point in outsourcing my work?

It depends how effective "doing it yourself" is. If you are spending time typing all your own material, how much money are you losing because you could be doing some chargeable work? Outsourcing the paperwork side of your work will free up valuable time, time which can then be spent on such vital things as:

Growing your business

Balancing home and work responsibilities

Concentrating on what you do best

Having a life!

We can help your business survive

In the current economic climate many business owners begin to worry how they’re going to survive. Generally there are two options: cut expenses or increase your revenue.
The majority of business owners choose the first option and begin to rethink their expenses. If you’re going to stay in business the best way is to reduce your overheads.
Makes sense: reduce the amount of money going out whilst maintaining the amount coming in. The biggest overhead for many businesses is the cost of staff. But how can you stay in business if you don’t have adequate staff?
One solution is to outsource your non-core administrative tasks.

Contact us on 01455 698797 for further details, whatever your business requirements we have the solution.